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Event Location:


For our 2nd Annual Project Input Pow Wow, we have reserved

4505 South Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, Nevada!
Unfortunately we were unable to retain the Grant Hall for a second day, so we will only be conducting a one day Pow Wow for 2013,

December 7th, 2013
Grand Entry at 12:00 noon and again at 6:00p.m.

Mark your calendar and attend!
The 2013 2nd Annual, Project Input Pow Wow.

ALSO: You can NOW download our 2013 Project Flyer, below!



The History of a Pow Wow

A pow-wow is a gathering of North America's Native People. The word derives from the Narragansett word pauwau meaning "spiritual leader". A pow-wow is a specific type of event where the community, Native and non-native gather to dance, sing, reminisce and honor the Native American culture. Project Input Pow Wow was specifically created to help get the word out about the program which assists disabled Native Americans find sustainable employment. We are proud to have the opportunity to spotlight disabled Native Americans and honor them with the Project Input Pow Wow through Moapa Band of Paiutes Vocational Rehabilitation. Please support and let our disabled people know they have a place here.


All sponsorships and donations
are tax deductible

Donate Today!

Thank you for your support!

Moapa Band of Paiutes Vocational Rehabilitation

P.O. Box #670
12 Lincoln Street
Suite #D
Moapa, NV. 89025

(702)834-7376 Kena Adams
(702) 865-2081 Jimmy Begay

Tiny Tot Sponsor

As a Tiny Tot Sponsor you are responsible for 50 bags (usually brown paper bags) with food and goodies inside for our young participants.

Cake Walk Sponsor

Donate 10 cakes, any variety.

Feed Sponsor

Donations of premade/homemade food items in containters with lids to feed the dancers and their families.

For example:

= Soup/Chilie/Stew

= Bread of any kind

= Side dishes

=Fried/Baked meats

Eagle Sponsor        $1000

By becoming a sponsor you received the following recognition:

= Listed/Logo on the MVR website as an Eagle Sponsor for 2012 (Moapa Vocational Rehabilitation)

= Full page ad in official pow wow program

= Announced by company name during the pow wow as a sponsor

= Plaque of Appreciation

= 5 Raffle Tickets

White Bison Sponsor     $500

= Listed/Logo on MVR website as a White Bison Sponsor 2012

= 1/2 page ad in official pow wow program

= Announced by company name during the pow wow as a sponsor

= Plaque of Appreciation

= 2 Raffle Tickets

Turtle Sponsor       $250

= Listed on MVR webiste as a Turtle Sponsor 2012

= Business card size ad in offical pow wow program

= Announced by company name during the pow wow as a sponsor

       Committee Members
Jimmy Begay - President
Kena Adams - Vice President
Herb McCabe - Coordinator
Susie McCabe - Treasurer
Mickey Cox - Offical Photographer/Web Designer
Nathan Morris Esq. - Legal
Dr. Rosemary Smith - CCSD Indian Education Rep

2013 Flyer

=We have a new sponsorship category for our 2013 year=


Contact Project Input to find out how you, or your corporate entity,
may qualify for this level of sponsorship!

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Downloads available
=2013 Brochure
=2013 Vendor's Application
=2013 Pow Wow Flyer
=2013 Non-Profit Letter